An overview of the lieutenant general sir arthur currie on the battle of passchendaele of canada

General sir arthur currie's personal coat of arms carved into the currie building, royal military college of canada for five years, he taught at public schools in sidney and victoria it was during this period that he changed the spelling of his surname to currie. Sir arthur william currie (1875-1933) sir arthur currie, the first and only canadian to command the canadian corps during the first world war, was a pivotal figure in the nation's war effort considered one of the finest generals of the war, currie led the canadian corps to several important victories. Posts about vc series written by library and archives canada blog during the battle of passchendaele lieutenant-general sir arthur currie became the new.

The battle for the passchendaele ridge, said canadian soldier arthur turner, was without doubt one of the muddy-est, bloody-est, of the whole war in the summer of 1917 general sir douglas haig launched another ill-fated british offensive, this time in belgium, aimed at driving the germans away from the english channel ports, which. Knighted after his accomplishments at vimy ridge, arthur currie became canada's first full general in 1919 he then served as principal and vice chancellor of mcgill university until his death in 1933. This canadian history for kids, sketches of our canada, looks at this battle and the 'birth of a nation canadian commander sir arthur currie was unwilling. Sir arthur william currie (1875-1933) was the leader of the canadian corps during world war i, the first native canadian to head his country's forces in france and flanders arthur currie was born at napperton, ontario, on dec 5, 1875, and he was educated in the public schools of strathroy in 1894.

The allies lost more soldiers than germany so sir douglas haig ordered canada to come into battle and aid the british from lieutenant-general sir arthur currie. Battle of passchendaele essay examples an overview of the lieutenant general sir arthur currie on the battle of passchendaele of canada 1,942 words 4 pages. After vimy, currie moved up the totem pole and received temporary rank of lieutenant- general and was awarded with the command of the entire canadian corps what role did arthur currie play in ww1 sir arthur william currie was born on december 5th , in napperton, ontario, canada. The situation looked hopeless and canadian commander sir arthur currie was reluctant to become involved although his objections were overruled by british field marshal sir douglas haig, his reluctance won the canadians a delay that allowed them to prepare for the battle.

Arthur currie's wiki: general sir arthur william currie, gcmg, kcb (5 december 1875 - 30 november 1933) was a senior officer of the canadian army who fought during world war i. Canada and the battle of passchendaele lieutenant general arthur currie, the canadian corps' new commander, to bring his four divisions to belgium and take up. Common knowledge events battle of passchendaele passchendaele: canada's triumph and tragedy on the fields of flanders by lieutenant-general sir arthur currie. Who is general sir arthur william currie only one of our greatest canadian hero's battle of passchendaele 1/4 - duration: 2015 general sir arthur currie award recipients - duration:.

Today marks a significant anniversary in canada's first world war history though overshadowed in popular memory by the battle of vimy ridge, the battle of hill 70 in august 1917 was planned, fought and won almost exclusively by the canadian corps following the victory at vimy, lieutenant-general. Retrieved from veterans affairs publications: canada remembers - first world war website | produced by veterans affairs canada, this is a 3-page account of the role played by canadians in the battle of passchendaele. The canadian corps, under the command of lieutenant-general sir arthur currie, spearheaded the assault the battle took place during hundred days offensive, the period in which the canadian and allied armies repeatedly defeated the german army in a series of battles across northern france and belgium toward the german frontiers. Sir arthur currie and certainly this was the case with lieutenant-general sir arthur currie, commander of the canadian corps in france the people of canada.

Canadian general sir arthur currie, always mindful of not wasting the lives of his troops surveyed the battleground and declared it almost impossible and even unnecessary leave the mud to the. The canadian corps under lieutenant general arthur currie began the final phase of the battle on 6 november, 1917: by 6 november, the canadians were prepared to advance upon the green line the final objective was to capture the high ground north of the town and to secure positions on the eastern side of passchendaele ridge.

Chapter 2: the first world war study play lieutenant-general arthur currie battle of passchendaele in october 1917, canadian troops were asked to attack. Lieutenant-colonel currie was commanding the regiment by 1909 general sir arthur currie: a military sir arthur william, in dictionary of canadian. General sir arthur currie most people forget that canadian corps fought the battle of vimy ridge under british lieutenant-general sir julian byng, with a mostly-british.

an overview of the lieutenant general sir arthur currie on the battle of passchendaele of canada They received their first canadian commander, lieutenant general sir arthur currie on october 30, the assault on passchendaele kicked off and by november 6, 1917, over 16,000 canadians were wounded or were killed.
An overview of the lieutenant general sir arthur currie on the battle of passchendaele of canada
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